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Tom Harvey is our owner. Tom is pleased to offer quality music equipment at discount prices. Here is are a few words from Tom himself.

I was blessed in that I was born into a Christian family. I was the middle child of three. I had an older brother and a younger sister. I grew up going to church and did  everything that a good church-goer should do. At age nine I went down and shook the preacher’s hand and got dunked in the baptistry. That made me a Christian, or so I thought. But the truth is that I lived a lie for eight years. But praise The Lord, because I continued to read the Bible and memorize scripture(it was a competition for me) the day came that The Word bore its’ fruit. Jesus came alive to me and I committed my life to Him. I became a new creation in Christ Jesus. Fifty-three years later He is even more alive in
me now than He was at seventeen.

When Jesus changed my life, He changed my desires. Instead of perusing athletics I now wanted to pursue praising my Lord through music. That has been my joy. Though I have much training and degrees in music it has not been the means by which The Lord chose to bring finances to me until now. After graduate school, through unexpected avenues I became a carpenter-builder and was in the building business for thirty years. It turned out to be a great mission opportunity. I thank God for it. Through it all I never stopped singing for my Lord. Now, I get to spend the majority of my time singing for Him, literally.

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